Tamashii® as a case study at the Digital Innovation Hub

Amazon, Alibaba, Eggist Alipay, Marcenko, Triboo, Lux Made In will be meeting on Thursday 14 November at 6.30pm at the Health & Quality Factory Zambon Open Circle, Z-Building - Vicenza to take stock of the state of play to date and discuss how to grow in the world of e-commerce.
Digital Innovation Hub vicenza

The whole world of
e-commerce together in one evening

The guest speakers will be:

• Cristian Veller, Confartigianato Imprese Veneto, President ICT Category

Alessio Farina, Exetera srl Chief Marketing Officer - TAMASHII® Tibet: Branding in the e-commerce era. The creation and evolution of the brand, from the Vicenza goldsmith district to a global brand

• Rita Polarolo, Amazon Made in Italy Manager & Strategic Sellers Manager - Amazon Made in Italy for SMEs in the Veneto region

• Luca Curtarelli, Head of Business Development, alibaba.com
- Online Export in the World with Alibaba.com

• Alice Di Diego, Eggsist Alipay Marketing Partner - 2020: How to be
Online & Offline in the year of Italy-China tourism

• Darja Janovica - Marcenko, Triboo - Digital Marketing in Russia: Opportunities and strategies to approach the market

• Filippo Maria Capitanio, Lux Made In - Accompanying artisan producers
of excellence to online sales. Collaboration with DIH Vicenza

Moderator: Alessandro Zuin, journalist "Corriere del Veneto"
- "Corriere Imprese"


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