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Bracciale tibetano Tamashii colore turchese

"The Jewel of the soul"

Tamashii® (or Shamballa) is a bracelet used by Tibetan monks to encourage meditation, for religious practices and as a talisman.
Indeed Tamashii® means “soul” and the term is derived from “tama” which means “jewel”, hence “jewel of the soul”.

The wearer pursues an ideal of peace and love towards him or herself and towards the world. The bracelet helps to protect their soul, to help it grow and find a role and meaning in life.

Tamashii® is made in Tibet and
the bracelets are blessed by Buddhist monks.

“Om Mani Padme Hum - ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ,"


Monaci tibetani seduti volgono lo sguardo verso il paesaggio soleggiato Monaci tibetani seduti volgono lo sguardo verso il paesaggio soleggiato

... a story that began in far off lands

We discovered Tamashii® bracelets during a trip to Tibet in 2006.
And we brought them back to Italy because they are so charming.
This charm is the combination of their beauty, their meaning and the many qualities they possess. We also hoped to spread the message of peace and fellowship from the Tibetan people.

Today’s Tamashii® bracelet retains the original’s shape, production and calabash. Simple beads made from stone, wood or metal are always Iinked to the number nine and have been replaced by natural, hard, semi-precious, and precious stones.

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Adventures happen to those
who can describe them

It has been, and still is, a long journey, a story that starts from afar.
A story made up of faces, places, experiences and emotions that we want to tell you all about here, through our adventures.

New Prayer Wheel collection - Wood and Silver

New Prayer Wheel collection - Wood and Silver

The new Prayer Wheel bracelets in wood and silver are available

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Tamashii® as a case study at the Digital Innovation Hub

Tamashii® as a case study at the Digital Innovation Hub

The Tamashii® brand on stage with Amazon, Alibaba, Eggsist Alipay, Marcenko, Triboo, Lux Made In.

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New Tamashii® Bracelet website

New Tamashii® Bracelet website

The new Tamashii® Bracelet website is online

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