The amulet of the soul
of Tibetan monks
Bracciale tibetano Tamashii colore turchese
A story that starts from far away

In Tibet jewels have a strong symbolic value and they convey ancient cultural and religious ideals.

In the Buddhist tradition gems and jewels are used as metaphors of faith ideals and express mysterious spiritual conditions and hidden inner qualities.

Monaci tibetani seduti volgono lo sguardo verso il paesaggio soleggiato Monaci tibetani seduti volgono lo sguardo verso il paesaggio soleggiato
Tamashii collection,
the "jewel of the soul"

Tamashii (or Shamballa) is a bracelet used by Tibetan monks to help meditation, during their religious practices and as a talisman.
In fact Tamashii means “soul”, and the word comes from “tama” that means “jewel”, therefore “soul jewel”.

People who wear this bracelet pursue an ideal of peace and love towards themselves and the world. This bracelet helps to protect the soul, to make it grow and find a role and a meaning of life.

Tamashii products are made in Tibet and
the bracelets are blessed by Buddhist monks.

“Om Mani Padme Hum - ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ,"
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