"We have travelled to the most remote places to discover ancient traditions and objects with the most powerful meaning"

Tibetan jewellery has a strong symbolic value and passes on ancient cultural and religious traditions.

In the Buddhist tradition, gems and precious stones serve as metaphors for ideals of faith and convey enigmatic spiritual conditions and our hidden personal characteristics.

Tibet, custodian of
the Tibetan School
of Buddhism

Tibet is situated on the plateau
of the same name at an average altitude of about 4900 metres. It is the highest plateau in the world.

On a cultural level, Tibet is the traditional centre of Tibetan Buddhism. 
Tibetan Buddhism is a distinctive form
of Tantric Buddhism. Due to its geographical isolation, it is the school that has suffered the least from modern influences while remaining faithful
to the ancient rnying ma 
(རྙིང་མ་, Nyingma) tradition.

Precious stones have a life of
their own

pietre tamashii

Every stone has its own energy. An energy that is unleashed and passed on
to those who wear or
touch them.

From onyx to jasper,
all of these gemstones contain within them a life and a unique distinctive meaning.

Bracelets 1 round

Original traditional Tibetan bracelet (Shamballa) made in Tibet with natural semi-precious and precious natural stones, blessed by Buddhist monks. Each Tamashii® bracelet is characterized...


Bracelets 2 rounds

Original traditional Tibetan bracelet (Shamballa) made in Tibet with natural semi-precious and precious natural stones, blessed by Buddhist monks. Very similar to the single traditional Tamashii...


BkraShi Bracelets

Tamashii® "bkra shi" is a special collection of amulets-bracelets made of natural onyx stones treated with ancient manual techniques to create drawings and symbolic figures. These...


Tamashii Dul Ba

Dul Ba bracelet symbolizes discipline, which in the buddhist culture assumes the meaning of equilibrium.The three lines of stones represent body, mind and spirit. Constant symmetry shows and...


Tibetan Mala

Tibetan Mala is an amulet used from buddhist monks for reciting mantras, as the rosary.Every Mala is made of 108 scented wooden beads (the original) while the other elements as natural...



Mantras are appeals to Buddhas, sacred utterances, numinous sounds, prayers or a combination of all. Mantras are essential for Vajrayana practice in such an important way that adepts often refer to...


Prayer Wheel

This collection is called “Prayer Wheel” (Tibetan: འཁོར་), a tipical Tibetan object of worship. Traditionally, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in Sanskrit is imprinted on the outside of...


Tibetan Prayer Flags

The famous Lung-Ta prayer flags mean “wind horse” and are hung in extremely isolated places such as the Himalayan summits, as well as more everyday locations such as houses or places of...


Tamashii "Mudra"

108 grains necklace, complete with Calabash, Vajra and Ghanta.Vajra (lightning) and Ghanta (bell) represent opposites that cohabit: Ghanta symbolizes the female and the body, while Vajra...



Rings engraved with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hūm" of the Buddha of compassion Cenresig, one of the best known and widespread mantra of Buddhism.The mantra indicates that Nirvana should...



Shape inspired by the headgear RIG ZVA(Rig Adsin Spyi Zva), used by the students of the Lamaist school rNin Ma Pa, "of the ancients"Those who wear this symbol are interested in the...



These earrings match with the Tamashii® bracelets, keeping their fundamental principles such as traditional design and natural stones.While they don’t belong to the Tibetan tradition...


Tamashii® - a jewel brimming over with meaning

Every Tamashii® bracelet, ring or pendant carries its own story, because they are still made with the same traditional ancient methods.

Their meaning is not just linked to the stone that embellishes it.
More importantly, it’s about the people who make them and endow them with inestimable value.

"Adventures happen
to those who can describe them"

Truth means always setting off on a
new journey

Most journeys begin by crossing doors, thresholds or roads.

Often real, sometimes imaginary, these journeys allow us to trace new paths, push back boundaries and reach visible and invisible destinations.

Ready to reach out and touch the sky?

The path that leads us to Tibet heads upwards, beyond.

Not only because it is the highest plateau in the world, but also because we know for sure that, once it is over, we will always be able to find ourselves again.

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